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ENJOY A PERFECT NIGHT’S SLEEP! Boost your mood, reduce anxiety and enjoy restful sleep. Clinically proven to increase serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, helping you sleep like a baby

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BREATHABLE SOFT BLANKET. 100% Cotton hypo-allergenic fabric so you stay cool. Quilted pockets containing natural glass micro beads. Featuring 8 tie loops to fix your covers firmly in position to prevent gathering.



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Super-soft fabrics make nuvirtu’s sensory weighted blanket one of the leading products for the treatment of anxiety and stress and hyper-activity.

The blanket is weighted with odourless natural glass beads. Quilted with small diamond shaped pockets to ensure the beads are evenly distributed across the product for the perfect heavy blanket feel.

Featuring a reversible two colour design, with machine stitched piped edging and eight anchor points to attach to your inner blanket. Preventing any movement or sagging whilst in use with an optional removable cover.

The blanket is complete with a convenient storage bag.


nivirtu hypo-allergenic sensory weighted cotton blankets are suitable for cool machine wash or hand-wash below 30℃ and should be air dried flat for extended life. Alternatively use a machine washable removable weighted blanket cover to extend the life of your blanket.

This product benefit from our extended 2 year warranty. Designed in England by nuvirtu.


  • Breathable hypo-allergenic cotton inner blanket. Perfect for body temperature control
  • Weighted Blanket filled with premium grade glass beads, designed for that full body-hug feel
  • 10cm machine quilted pockets for optimum weight distribution
  • 8 Tie Loops for fixing removable covers in place
  • PVC Storage Bag

Additional information

Weight7.7 kg
Dimensions42.4 × 36.1 × 16.7 cm

Size Guide

Weighted Blankets are designed to match the dimensions of your mattress. A blanket for a Double bed will be the precise dimensions of a UK Double Mattress. If you prefer an overhang on your blanket or surplus blanket to wrap yourself up in, then we recommend choosing a larger size.

The image below is a visual guide as to how each weighted blanket size will sit on top of your bed.

180×120 cm suitable for use with Single, Twin, Double Bed

200x150cm suitable for use with Double, King Bed

Size Guide
Size Guide

18 reviews for Weighted Blanket

  1. Paul Kitter

    Took a while to get used to but very good.

  2. Denise Hinsley

    This blanket is truly amazing. I’ve suffered from anxiety for years and I really struggle to fall asleep. This has been a total game changer for me. It has been surprising how much it has helped me relax and feel settled. This has meant I have fallen asleep much faster than I used to.

    If you are considering buying this for someone who suffers similar issues like me then I would 100% say go for it. It’s been an absolute godsend. Who would have thought that a blanket could have had such a positive impact on how l feel.

  3. Jenny

    Really happy with this blanket! Heavier than I expected but I’m loving it. Sleep has greatly improved since it’s arrival. Delivery was quick. It was well packaged and is of good quality. Delighted to recommend.

  4. Michelle Condron

    I got it as a gift for someone and they were absolutely delighted with it, said they’ve had some of the best sleeps already with it and they’ve only had it a couple of days.

    Reasonable price for the quality and quick delivery, no complaints.

  5. Charlie

    Very pleased the blanket is a good weight for my young adult with special needs. It is soft and doesn’t get over heated. She enjoys sitting under it and it does calm her down.

    Would recommend

  6. Peter P.

    Brought this as a gift for a friend recently. Really impressed with the quality and finish of the blanket. My friend is happy too. She says using it makes it’s easier to get to sleep and get a good night’s sleep. She says she feels calmer, less irritated and has energy and motivation the next day.

    Customer service were really helpful and knowledgeable too.

  7. Peter Walsh

    A fantastic buy that arrived quickly and is well worth buying. The product is well made and surpasses expectations.

  8. Kernow

    I ordered this simply because I really like the feeling during colder nights of having more bed coverings, it’s great to feel snug. Of course during warmer seasons that has the high downside of being too hot, so I finally got around to trying something I hadn’t realised even existed before briefly hearing about them a couple of years ago, weighted blankets.

    Can’t believe I took so long! Whilst it’s not the exact same feeling as e.g. two quilts, it does provide much of the same great feeling, and without the stifling heat. I haven’t tried in really hot weather as I’ve only had it a few weeks, but so far it’s been great and totally worth it – I definitely won’t be going back to the old way!

    The blanket itself is as described, the weight is evenly distributed so although it’s heavy when you pick it up all at once, it feels very different when you’re underneath it. The quality seems great, certainly had no signs of any problems, and I popped it straight into my existing quilt cover with no problem. I actually found it easier to get into the cover than a normal one due to the weight.

    You will notice the difference in feeling for the first couple of nights, and then it will feel completely normal, but in a good way!

    Overall, very glad to have made this purchase, and would really recommend Nuvirtu to anyone who wants to go the weighted blanket route.

  9. Rosie

    I definitely have calmer sleep, not as much tossing and turning. I noticed that my temperature is more even during the night, not too hot and not too cold. I love the feeling of the weight of the blanket on me. It’s a gentle weight, not a feeling of being overwhelmed by the weight. I recommended it to a friend and she put in an order straight away.

  10. Darcy Stevenson

    Bought on a recommendation from therapist as weighted blankets are meant to be good for autism sufferers coping with stress and anxiety. Whilst it took some getting used to, it does seem to work. It’s very heavy and feels quite strange and takes some getting used to.

    The quality is very good, stitching of a high standard. and surprisingly not too hot

  11. Sheila Traynor

    Soft and Comfortable, and it works, so exactly what i hoped for

  12. C Hopwood

    Before using this weighted blanket it would take me at least an hour to drift off to sleep as I was a big fidgeter, and I would usually wake up 2-3 times a night. I have been sleeping with this for four months now and not once have I woken up before my alarm goes off. I never need to hit snooze anymore as I actually feel rested and awake in the morning.
    This has honestly changed my sleeping game. There have been a few nights where I have not been able to use it (by staying in my relative’s house) and my sleep is not the same without it. This is one of the best things I have bought in my life – it is worth every penny.

  13. Poppy

    excellent got this for my 10 year old who is very hyper at night, works a treat to calm her down.

  14. Greg Rounds

    This blanket has really helped my daughter’s sleep. Good quality would recommend it highly

  15. Sally N

    Really quick delivery, arrived two days after ordering so very impressed. This blanket is amazing, it makes me feel so much more relaxed and even after only a couple of nights I can feel I am sleeping more deeply. Very good price compared to others on the market. Really happy with this and would recommend.

  16. Jodie Green

    This blanket is well worth splashing out on.

    It honestly feels like a warm hug or like you are always being tucked into bed.
    It’s good quality too!

    Definitely worth it considering they say you sleep for half of your life.

  17. James Ward

    Purchased for a slightly stress teenager, this weighted blanket is heavy, cosy, comfortable and worth the money. My teenager curls up in it at most any given opportunity and do you know what really is less stressed. Not cheap but a quality purchase.

  18. Rita Dunstall

    i actually have 2 of this blanket now. i love it, its heavier than my last one and it makes all the difference, so relaxing

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