Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover

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ENJOY A PERFECT NIGHT’S SLEEP! Boost your mood, reduce anxiety and enjoy restful sleep. Clinically proven to increase serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, helping you sleep like a baby

SOFT LUXURIOUS SENSORY BLANKET. Feel the soft plush fabric of the removable cover, featuring a full width zip. Machine washable.

BREATHABLE INNER WEIGHTED BLANKET. 100% Cotton hypo-allergenic fabric so you stay cool. Quilted pockets containing natural glass micro beads. Featuring 8 tie loops to fix your covers firmly in position to prevent gathering.

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Super-soft fabrics make nuvirtu’s sensory weighted blanket one of the leading products for the treatment of anxiety and stress and hyper-activity.

The inner blanket is weighted with odourless glass bead. Quilted with small diamond shaped pockets to ensure the beads are evenly distributed across the product for the perfect heavy blanket feel.

This product comes as a set with the Sensory Weighted Blanket covers made from the softest fabric imaginable. The sensory cover is quilted on the top side caresses with a soft plain side next to your skin.

Featuring a durable full width zip and eight anchor points to attach to your inner blanket, preventing any movement or sagging whilst in use.

The set is complete with a convenient storage bag.


nivirtu hypo-allergenic sensory weighted cotton blankets are suitable for cool machine wash or hand-wash below 30℃ and should be air dried flat for extended life. Alternatively use a machine washable removable weighted blanket cover to extend the life of your blanket.

This product benefit from our extended 2 year warranty. Designed in England by nuvirtu.


  • Sensory weighted blanket Machine Wash cover, featuring a full width zip.
  • Breathable hypo-allergenic cotton inner blanket. Perfect for body temperature control
  • Weighted Blanket filled with premium grade glass beads, designed for that full body-hug feel
  • 10cm machine quilted pockets for optimum weight distribution
  • 8 Tie Loops for fixing removable covers in place
  • PVC Storage Bag

Size Guide

Weighted Blankets are designed to match the dimensions of your mattress. A blanket for a Double bed will be the precise dimensions of a UK Double Mattress. If you prefer an overhang on your blanket or surplus blanket to wrap yourself up in, then we recommend choosing a larger size.

The image below is a visual guide as to how each weighted blanket size will sit on top of your bed.

180×120 cm suitable for use with Single, Twin, Double Bed

200x150cm suitable for use with Double, King Bed

Size Guide
Size Guide

26 reviews for Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover

  1. Kate Fletcher

    Bought for my father who is continuously cold in bed – replaced his 6 blankets with just this one! Works like a dream….

  2. Priscilla Mannor

    Anyone else who suffers with fibromyalgia i am letting you know that this blanket really does help you sleep, i dont know why, but since buying it my sleep has improved drastically well worth the money and is VERY heavy , very happy with this buy

  3. Neil Parker

    I have heard a lot about weighted blankets and their positive properties. I thought I’d jump onto the craze and try one. Arrived very well packaged with good instructions and an extra warranty card.
    The size I bought Fits my double bed perfectly. I was astonished by the weight taking it out of the package. I really wasn’t sure how it would fee but I’m writing this review while I’m under the blanket and it feels great! It’s really well manufactured

  4. Gabriel Johnson

    It is like a calming sensation, like having the longest and most sincere hug.

    Take note as well if you have a partner that wriggles around at night, this holds them firmly in place. Giving you both a better sleep.

    That alone was worth the purchase. It’s excellent quality

  5. Warren Davis

    Good product, the only criticism is it the 200×150 isn’t quite big enough for a king size – it covers the bed exactly with no overhang. However i decided to use my width ways and due to its shape it works out well

    The removable cover is the softest thing ever, it softer than my cats fur lol!!!
    Really cosy

  6. Kate Harrison

    This is honestly awesome. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks so I really struggle to fall asleep. This has been a game changer for me. I am able to relax (a word I have not used in many years) and fall asleep so much faster than I have been able to in a long long time. If you are considering this for someone who suffers similar issues to myself then I would 100% say go for it. It’s been an absolute blessing

  7. G. D. Cawthorne


  8. Mrs K J Massey

    Wow, what a fantastic product ! . My daughter has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and the weighted blanket really has made all the difference in aiding her sleep pattern and helping her feel safe and secure,

    Thank you so much Nuvirtu Sleeptribe

  9. Richard Murphy

    Lovely blanket with a very nice quality feel to it. Delivered quickly too.

  10. Hilton

    Don’t “weight”! It’s worth every penny!

    I don’t normally write reviews for products I buy, but I felt this deserved a special mention.

    My partner has always had trouble sleeping as he’s hyperactive and will wake up during the night despite his highly strenuous job. I had just grown to accept I would never sleep through the night again.
    Until I came across this.

    It has completely changed our sleep pattern; 5minutes after slipping the 10kg blanket over him, he is out like a light. AND remained this way well into the morning (see attached photo for a snippet of how he now sleeps).

    If you struggle with sleep, are exceedingly hyper active by nature, or know someone who is, don’t wait. It’s honestly made a massive difference!

  11. Mark Rees

    Have to say it’s an amazing weighted blanket , give me better sleep quality 10/10

  12. Sara

    At first I thought it was going to be too heavy- it wasn’t. It was lovely and soft and I had a great sleep all night. Would definitely recommend this product and company, it was very nice of them to write to me to ask if I was happy with my purchase.

    One thing I would suggest is if you have a double bed go for the 200x150cm size

    I bought a 180x120cm and I should have bought a bigger size; fits the bed but not quite enough to wrap two adults up in. Though this is the case with most blankets I believe they are designed to sit on top of the bed and not too much spare to wrap up in; a relative bought from a different company and found the same- so just buy a bigger one than your bed.

  13. Karlos

    amazing quality and comfort
    a dream to sleep under

  14. Molly Sheehan

    I love this blanket, it’s really helped improve my sleep quality and I feel secure with this. The top cover is so soft and warm and easy to remove to wash.

  15. Tori n.

    Super impressive service -great quality ! A velvety Luxurious feel and classic yet contemporary colour and fabric !

  16. Vikki

    My first experience with a weighted blanket and I love it. Took a couple of days to get used to it, but it’s so comfortable. The outer cover is lovely and soft.

  17. Paul Peacock

    I had been a little skeptical before my purchase whether the blanket would help me to the same level I’ve seen reviews. And YES it’s made a difference, 2 days after receiving the item I had shown it my sister who herself purchased one, smaller size as her partner does not like the weight.

    I’m going to be to the point, this for me and my sister worked, and I’ve recommended it since. Now I have mine in between two quilts , if I get too warm I through one off. The style of the blanket is nothing to write home about, but as mine is under a quilt is never seen, but in bed I know it’s there.

    1. A good nights sleep
    2. The weight is just about right for me
    3. I fall asleep quicker
    4. The quality of the blanket.

    1. Price – But in this case you do get what you pay for, with the benefit of hindsight its great value
    2. If my son gets into bed with me (he’s 4) I kick it off as too heavy for him.

    Overall thrilled

  18. Tracey Attard

    Great customer service
    Lovely Weighted Blanket really snugly cover
    Fast Delivery and feels lush. Now to test it out to see if all the claims around weighted blankets are true
    But so far so good

  19. William Laurie

    Saw many good reviews and have to say they are right

  20. Mike Blissett

    This is a great product, well made and is mighty heavy, which is the whole point of course. I sometimes had difficulty sleeping, just couldn’t switch off. I bought the weighted blanket and since using it I’ve slept like a baby each night. Due to the heavy weights within, the blanket sort of moulds around your body and gives a sense of ‘security’ almost. We have also let our son try it who loves it. On the sofa or in bed, I found the product to be extremely cosy and effective. Would definitely recommend.

  21. Forby

    My wife often feels anxious when I’m not home as I usually sleep with one arm over her and she genuinely hates sleeping on her own. I suggested a weighted blanket to make it feel like i’m still hugging her while she sleeps and she looked at me like I was crazy. Well after taking delivery of this I’m happy to report that it works. She said she no longer wakes up feeling scared when I’m not at home and that was the main point of it. She still feels a bit uncomfortable when she first goes to bed as she knows I’m not there, but the blanket has stopped her waking up and noticing I’m not there, so really does help.

    Having tried the blanket myself, I thought 9Kg spread over my body wouldn’t really be noticeable but I was wrong, the blanket applies a constant and firm pressure around you and actually makes it quite difficult to get out from under it without applying a good bit of lift. Quite surprised.

  22. Chelsea St.Pierre

    Firstly… the product arrived much earlier than anticipated, beautifully packaged. Very comfortable and lovely quality, stunning texture. As far as what the product says it does, I can concur… best sleep I’ve had In ages. I truly recommend this product.

  23. Janette C.

    I have suffered from severe insomnia for over 7 years and have tried absolutely everything to induce and maintain a good night sleep. I purchased the larger version of the sleep blanket (9kg) a few weeks ago. It has been fantastic. My sleep has improved dramatically. My young adult daughter who likewise finds it difficult to get a good nights sleep tried it out and loved it so much that she decided to share it with me for two nights.

    A few days later I ordered her the 7kg version and she has now returned to her own bed with her new 7kg friend. I would highly recommend this if you suffer anxiety or insomnia. I think I should have bought the lighter version (7kg) so my advice would be stick to the recommended weight recommendations. As to the actual feel of the product the outer blanket cover is incredibly soft and cuddly and the added bonus is that it is easily removable

  24. Emma P

    I love this blanket. I’ve suffered with insomnia for years; I’ve had difficulty both falling asleep and staying asleep. I’d never heard of a weighted blanket until a couple of weeks ago when a friend recommended it to me. I’m so glad I ordered it.

    It’s not super heavy but it did take a few nights to get used to it but now there’s no going back! It’s really snug and makes you feel very tucked in and close to the ground. I found it a bit tricky to begin with as it limits how much you can move and change positions but after a few nights, a normal duvet doesn’t even compare. It’s very calming and has been especially helpful when I’ve woken up and I’m getting back to sleep so much quicker than before. Even if you don’t like to sleep with, it’s really good for just relaxing under for a bit whilst you’re watching T.V or reading etc. It’s very soft, great quality and whatever is inside it (I think mostly sand) is quiet. If you suffer with insomnia, it’s definitely worth a shot and a lot cheaper than most other weighted blankets.

  25. Katherine Mason

    Fantastic product .. Comfortable and soft feel .. Weighted but not heavy .. Almost feels like your being held and gives a sense of comfort to anxiety sufferers like myself , It helps relax the body , I would recommend this to anybody , Fast efficient delivery , Thankyou very much !!!

  26. Richard O’Reilly

    Would sleep for 4 hours and wake up and couldn’t fall back to sleep again, suffer from slight anxiety and Adhd. With this on, I get a solid 8-9 hours. It’s fantastic.

    I was in a quandary about the price as its quite a bit full price. I have to say I feel it was worth it, especially at the price I got it at on offer. You can feel the quality in the product fabrics

    Secondly, It took me a couple of days to get used to having this on. It is heavy and unlike a duvet, it’s not something you really move about with on. This the benefit, but as I said it took me a while to adjust to having this over me and I still wasn’t sure I was getting a benefit from using it. However, a couple of days later I realised i had slept well and rested.

    Knowing what I know now, I’d definitely buy it again if I had to and can totally recommend it, which I have to friends.

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